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Miguela Cabarles Mancol

Miguela, a self-made Filipina chef brings to her new restaurant in Scarborough, a rich mixed cuisine from her highly praised cooking in New York City and the culinary traditions of her hometown in Samar Island in the Philippines. Her passion for cooking started two decades ago in her home-time and is infused with the culture, history and flavors influenced by Chinese traders, Spanish and American colonizers of her native home. Prior to her migration to Canada, her cooking, like the light of the Statue of Liberty has inspired many women especially many migrant women in many places she has lived and the flavors has brought many memories of home. 

Before I even met Miguela and Celso, I heard about Miguela’s culinary mastery from the previous Personal Assistant. She said, Miguela is a magician in the kitchen. One has to taste her cooking to fully understand what that means.



Chef Miguela with Ms. Dana Cowin,
former Editor-in-Chief of Food and Wine Magazine

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His Excellency John Dramani Mahama,
Vice President, Republic of Ghana

Miguela is simply the best cook I have ever had the privilege to employ; she has a magical touch and can make anything purely delicious. Miguela made exquisite meals for us day after day. I never tasted anything she made that disappointed. From fusion cuisine to ile flottante, from Caramel Pie to Lobster in a Caviar Sauce, she produces impeccable meals every single time.


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